Made in USA

Why is buying “Made in the USA” products important? There are many reasons! 

  • Keep Your Money in the USA!
    • When you purchase foreign-made items, you’re essentially sending your money to other countries, making us more dependent on them. The money you spend on American-made goods helps create jobs, too.
  • Support Your Community!
    • When you buy American-made products crafted with American supplies, you are supporting communities all over the country!
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!
    • Items that are made in the USA do not require the massive amount of energy that foreign products use when shipping products across oceans or national borders, so there is less of an impact on the environment. Overall shipping transport costs are lower as well.
  • So, why are so many foreign-made items so inexpensive?
    • In other countries, labor standards are different and wages are often much lower than they are in the U.S. Poor working environments and lower manufacturing emissions standards help to reduce the cost of manufacturing a product, but at a greater expense to the environment and the workers' health and safety.

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See the map below for our growing list of American manufacturers and suppliers:

Made in Colorado Made in Arizona Made in Missouri Made in Wisconsin Made in Texas Made in Texas Made in South Carolina Made in North Carolina Made in New Jersey Made in New York Made in Massachusetts Made in Kansas Made in Kansas

The majority of the products we sell are made in-house at our Colorado location from as many American-made supplies as possible. Other items we sell are made in:

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