Product Profile: Ballet Bingo and Nutcracker Ballet Bingo Sets

Our Bingo Sets were introduced in 2011 in both Ballet and Nutcracker Ballet styles.  We were inspired to make these games when we stood back and looked at the sheer volume of high-quality ballet and Nutcracker Ballet character designs in our catalog.  

Ballet Bingo uses 41 original illustrations of ballet positions and terms and includes pronunciation keys to help new dancers understand the (mostly) French terms.  Nutcracker Ballet Bingo uses 48 characters for a fun Holiday-themed game.  They're the perfect games to play at a Nutcracker Tea fundraiser or Ballerina Birthday Party!   These Bingo Sets are also a fun way to keep young dancers entertained backstage as they wait their turn to dance during recitals and performances.  Players can use pieces of candy, coins, or other small trinkets as game pieces.  Each play of the game is unique that way!

Original Ballet Bingo Original Nutcracker Bingo Game
Original Ballet Bingo and Nutcracker Bingo Cards

That first year we tested our Bingo concept by printing the cards and call cards in-house upon order placement.  We could hardly keep up with the demand for these games so we outsourced the printing to a local Colorado printing company in 2012.  We had originally kept the design of our bingo card as simple as possible to conserve our in-house printing resources.  Upon deciding to have the game professionally printed, we changed the design to be full-color and used high-quality UV-gloss coating instead of laminating the cards in-house.  What once required a 3-day production lead-time can now be packed and shipped in a matter of a few minutes!

Updated Ballet and Nutcracker Bingo Cards

Both types of Bingo Games are available in sets of 10, 20 and 30 cards.  Each game is packaged in a clear box and includes instructions and a set of call cards.  Ballet Bingo is still our most popular pin on Pinterest! 

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