Studio Sleepover

Nurture Friendships Formed Through Dance

Recital season is in full swing and summer break will soon be upon us.  Many dancers will go to various summer dance programs and have fascinating new experiences.  Dance is a wonderful team-building experience that can create close and lasting friendships among dancers.  Since everyone has their own uniquely busy schedule these days, it can be hard for dancers to take time to spend with their fellow dancers outside of a formal dance class or rehearsal.  Why not help to nurture these friendships by hosting an exciting sleepover event? This could be a fun end to a spring recital season or a summer dance program and give dancers a chance to share stories about their spring or summer experiences and do fun activities together.  You could also help spread the word about your dance studio by encouraging dancers to invite their non-dancer friends too! This type of event could be hosted just before classes end in May/June or just before the start of classes in the fall.  Styling each other's hair, learning stage make-up basics, and playing ballet and dance-themed games are just some of the fun activity ideas! This type of event is great for dance students aged 6-14. 

  1. Invite your studio’s teachers and/or older dance students (ages 16+) to help chaperone and coordinate the event.
  2. Put up posters in the studio and send home flyers with students to spread the word.
  3. Be clear on the flyer about what time parents should pick up their children the next day.
  4. Encourage students to bring their friends! This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your dance school.  You may even gain a few new students.
  5. Charge $20-30 per person.
    • You might consider offering a discounted rate for your students
    • Remind them that this fee covers 2 meals plus lots of fun dance-themed activities!
  6. The girls are to bring: a sleeping bag and pillow, pajamas, favorite plush animal or doll if desired, toothbrush & toothpaste, and an extra change of clothes.
  7. Ask a local grocery store or restaurant to donate pizzas or sandwiches for dinner and bagels for breakfast.
  8. Advertise the event with posters and flyers sent home with dancers; also try local newspapers and TV stations the week of the event.
  9. Decorate the studio with white and colored tulle, white Christmas lights, ballet posters and Ballerina Mobiles!
  10. Host activities like:
    • An Instructional Stage Make-up session teaching dance students the essentials of basic stage make-up.  You might even try some character make-up too.  This would be a good review for older students who may already have some experience with stage make-up.
    • A Dance hair style session where girls can do each other’s hair and learn new hair styles for dance class.
    • A Dance Q&A session where dancers can ask about dance terminology or history that they need help with or would like to learn more about.
  11. Play Games like:
    • Dance Charades – Guess which ballet performance this pose or variation is from!
    • Play Musical Chairs using music from ballet performances.
    • Ballet Bingo
    • Twister™
  12. Do Crafts like these:
    • Paint donated pointe, jazz, or tap shoes (ask your local dance supply store for any odd sizes or overstock and ask older dancers to donate their old shoes).
    • Paint or Color wooden ballerina ornaments.
    • Make "Bun Wreaths" with silk flowers and ribbon that students could wear to dance class.
  13. If there’s still time left, watch a ballet or dance movie and eat popcorn!
  14. Use yoga stretch mats to sleep on.
  15. Give each girl a goodie bag with a customized dance button or key chain to decorate their dance bag as a party favor.
  16. Have a camera handy and be sure to take photos! Photos from fundraisers and school events are a great way to help promote future events.  You may even want to frame a photo of the entire group to hang in the studio lobby.

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