Spring Tutu Tea & Fashion Show

A Mother-Daughter Springtime Fundraiser Event

Host a fun Mother-Daughter event perfect for this Mother’s Day or any lovely spring weekend.  Spring hats, dance-themed teas, and delicious treats set the scene for a fashion show put on by your dancers! Have dancers model the spring fashions from a local clothing boutique and a few of your company’s own beautiful tutus! Dancers can also perform a few numbers for the audience in between portions of the fashion show – Take advantage of the performing opportunity! Give away door prizes and take orders for the clothing being modeled.  A Spring "Tutu Tea & Fashion Show" is an elegant way to spread the word about your dance school or company and celebrate the joys of Spring! 
  1. Partner with a local clothing boutique or favorite teen clothing store to provide clothes.  You may want to involve 2-3 stores for more variety.
  2. Have dancers model boutique clothes in addition to beautiful dance costumes (i.e. tutus) that may be in the school or company inventory.
  3. Hold the Tutu Tea at a suitable indoor or outdoor location that is willing to donate the space for the event.
    • Some suggestions: The dance studio, the participating clothing boutique or dancewear store, church, community center, retirement home meeting room, someone's beautiful backyard, or any suitable location.
    • If you choose an outdoor location, have a backup indoor location in case of rain or choose a rain-date.
  4. Decorate with dance and springtime themes!
    • Small potted plants or silk flower arrangements in the center of each table
    • Pastel-colored tablecloths and linens
    • Use fresh flowers from 48longstems.com!
    • Hang up floral garlands or streamers that may be in the dance school’s prop inventory
  5. Send handwritten invitations to your most special guests with our Original Note Cards or Kristin Elliott Ballet Cards.
  6. Advertise the event with posters and flyers sent home with dancers; also try local newspapers and TV stations the week of the event.
  7. Sell tickets for $10-$20 at the participating clothing boutiques, dancewear stores, the dance studio and even locally owned restaurants.
  8. Have a brief "Program of Events" card at each table – This will save money and paper over printing a program for each guest!
    • Have a talented visual artist decorate programs and tickets created in Microsoft Word or other computer program and make Black & White photo copies.
    • Try asking a local professional printing company if they would donate the cost of printing programs, posters, and tickets in exchange for advertising space.
  9. Serve different teas (hot or cold) with dance or Springtime names.
    • i.e. Arabian Spice, Peppermint, Nutcracker Sweet, Sugar Plum Spice, Smooth Swan, Marzipan Magic, etc.
    • Give the teas your own fun dance or Spring-related names if they don’t have them already.
  10. Serve simple sweets with dance names.
    • Ask a few mothers to make cookies in ballet shapes.
    • decorate cupcakes with ballet themed and Spring-themed toppers
    • Spring or dance-themed chocolates & cakes
  11. Use borrowed china and silverware or stylish disposable dinnerware.  There are a number of elegant disposable dinnerware styles designed for weddings and other special occasions.  Look for American-made, recycled and/or biodegradable options.
  12. Give away door prizes or have a raffle for items like these:
  13. Attendees may order clothes that they like and the hosting clothing boutique would agree to give a donation to the ballet school for each sale.
  14. Have a few dance numbers for entertainment – A great extra performing opportunity for dancers.
  15. Have attendees wear their favorite Spring hat and give a prize to the guest with the best hat.
    • Take a vote or have judges decide.
  16. Give each guest a party favor or gift bag with fun dance-related items inside.
    • Our Art Buttons and Magnets are an unique but inexpensive way to thank your guests for coming.
    • Customized Dance Key Chains representing your dance company or school will keep promoting your school long after the event is over.
    • Mothers and Daughters would love having matching pairs of dance earrings.
  17. Be sure to take pictures of the event! Photos from fundraisers are a great way to help promote future events and record the fundraiser for the company archives or scrapbook.  Pick your favorite photo to frame with one of our Photo Frame and display it in your studio!
Many Thanks to Maxine of SC for her suggestions and input. Want to share your fundraiser idea with us? Tell us about it!  We may just share it on our website! 

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