Tips for Personalizing Your Dance Gifts

Being in the personalized gift business, we hear these types of questions often:
  1. What text should I put on my item(s)?
  2. How many words fit or look good on this item?
  3. Can I add text to a different place than what is shown on your website?

We've compiled a few recommendations to help make your personalized gifts great!

What text should I put on my gift?

Giving a personalized gift to commemorate a performance or special event is such a special experience.  Just think about it for a minute.  Who doesn't love to see their name in print (or engraved)??  Not only will you be the hero for finding such a unique and personalized gift for your dancer, but you'll feel great giving an America-made gift that helps keep your money in the USA!

  • Dancer's Name
  • Dance Company's Name
  • Performance Name & Date
  • Dance Teacher's Name
  • Thank You Message
  • Good Luck Message
  • Any combination of the above

Here are a few tips to make sure your custom text is the best it can be:

  • Comma use:  When adding text such as "Love, Mom" or "You're a beautiful dancer, Maddie!", don't forget the comma before (or after) the person's name!  
  • Be sure to double-check the spelling any ballet terms.  Some common ones:
    • "Corps de Ballet" or "Corps" The term for the (usually large) group of dancers in the background such as in Waltz of the Flowers or the Snow Scene in The Nutcracker.  Don't forget that "s" even if it is silent!
    • "Pas de Deux" means "Dance for two" in French.  This refers to the main dance of Male and Female principal dancers in lead roles featured in the climax of a ballet such as the Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux.  Did you know there are usually two Pas de Deux in Romeo and Juliet?
    • Theater or Theatre?  Some dance groups use the first spelling and others use the latter depending on their preference.  Double-check the spelling of your school or company's name before submitting your order.  We sometimes correct spelling, but we never alter the spelling of this word as the use of each version is fairly even across the USA.
  • Double-check the spelling of any characters' names you may want to include on your item(s).  We try to use the most popular titles for our character designs, but one common substitute is using "Mr. & Mrs. Stalbaum" instead of "Mr. & Mrs. Silverhaus".
  • If you're purchasing gifts for your dancer's friends as well, be sure you know the proper spelling and capitalization of their names as well.

How many words fit or look good on this item?

Here is a list of character limits for our personalized products.  We've created these limits due to space restrictions and legibility.  Text that is a few characters shorter than our listed limits looks best.  We can occasionally fit more characters than this if necessary.  Please contact us before placing your order if you need more characters! 

Laser-Etched Ornaments Max: 40 characters
Layered Ornaments Max: 20 characters
Super Ornaments Max: 30 characters
Art Buttons & Magnets Max: 30 characters on each edge
Bouquet Tags Max: 30 characters
Ballet Gift Shop Note Cards Max: 40 characters
Key Chains Max: 30 characters
Dance Bag Tags Max: 30 characters
Photo Frame Mats Max: 30 characters on each edge
Magnetic Photo Frames Max: 30 characters
Cork Coasters & Trivets Max: 40 characters
Autograph Books Max: 60 characters plus the year
Tutu Carry Bags Max: 20 characters
Medals Max: 40 characters
Laser-cut Name Signs Max: 12 characters
Maple Magnet Sets Max: 20 characters
Glass Vases Max: 15 characters
Travel Mirrors Max: 40 characters on most,
15 characters on the "Dancing in the Rain" design


Can I add text to a different place on my item than what is shown on your website?

The areas we choose for text on our products are the best place due to space restrictions, production limits, or just because we think it looks best.  Occasionally we can add text to a place on our items that is different from what is advertised.  Please contact us with any questions and to see if we can make your idea a reality!

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