Ballet Gift Shop's Online Fundraising Program

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The benefits include:

  • A FREE and easy fundraiser with direct delivery to your supporters
  • NO hassling with the many details of customer order information and distribution (that's our job!).
  • Your very own administrative account to keep an eye on referred traffic, sales, and payments.
  • Ready-made flyers and web banners to help you spread the word!
  • A wholesale account is not required to participate.
  • Choose to run your fundraiser for a limited time or year-round.
  • Best of all, earn 25% of all referred sales to support your dance team or company!


You will be able to login to your account immediately, but we will contact you with more information within 12-24 hours of your registration to help you get started.

*Important Note: Commissions will not be applied to wholesale orders.

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