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8x10 Swan Lake Ballet Autograph Pillow

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This beautiful pillow is a fun way to remember your Swan Lake performance experience!

Kids love to have the backs of these pillows signed by dancers from their favorite company or performance. Dancers themselves love to have their friends and fellow dancers sign these autograph pillows as a way to remember their performing experience! 

  • Our original art is printed on durable cotton fabric in North Carolina.
  • Pillow is hand-assembled in South Carolina.
  • Approx. 8" x 10"
  • One side is made from a beautifully designed twill fabric featuring Nutcracker Ballet characters based on our own original artwork. The signature side is solid white.
  • Each pillow comes with a black retractable ball-point pen attached with a red satin ribbon.  Clip the pen to the ribbon near the pillow for storage.
  • Features full-color original artwork of Odette in the moonlight on Swan Lake.

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