Fundraising Ideas for Dance Organizations

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Set up a wholesale account with us and re-sell our beautiful items at your next fundraiser. 
Take pre-orders for custom items, give them as cast gifts, or sell them at your next performance boutique.  
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Dance Fundraising Kit

Dance Fundraising KitAre you in charge of fundraising this year but don't know where to start? Our Fundraising Kit is just the thing to help you take orders from your patrons for your  fundraiser!  You may choose to receive an electronic copy by email or a printed copy by mail. Request a Fundraising Kit →

Fundraiser Idea Articles

Need some advice on how to organize a new fundraising event? We've written a collection of articles with ideas and tips on how to organize a variety of dance fundraising events.
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General Dance Fundraising Tips

  • Types of fundraisers:
    • Put out donation jars
    • Sell raffle tickets and have local business donate items for your raffle
    • Organize an event and sell tickets:
      • A dance
      • A fair or carnival
      • A tour of homes
      • Studio Sleepover
      • Outdoor Tea Party
      • Fashion Show
  • Sell items door to door
  • Hold a garage sale to benefit your cause
  • Craft Market
  • Send out donation letters
  • Hold a banquet
  • Run an auction with donated items
  • Have a social dinner and sell tickets to it
  • Open a boutique at one of your events or performances
  • Buy items wholesale from our store, double or triple the price, and resell at your events!
  • Plan ahead and be creative. If you plan to hold a fundraising event each year, try to think of a way to keep people interested from year to year.  Vary the types of items sold or demonstrations shown, etc.
  • Set a budget for buying goods to sell and for materials.
  • Start browsing for goods to sell or things to make as early as January (go to After-Christmas sales at home goods stores, gift shops, discount stores and, of course!)
  • Plan when to start selling and find volunteers for booths, boutiques, crafting items, organizing inventory, making phone calls, etc.
  • Plan where to sell items and be sure to check and see if permission or approval is needed to set up at the desired location (i.e. dance school office, lobby during performances, boutiques, nearby dance supply stores).
  • Publicize your fundraiser:
    • Put an ad in the local newspaper
    • Post flyers around town:
      • In local community centers and theatres
      • On office bulletin boards
      • In grocery stores
      • local churches
      • In local dance supply stores
  • Put an ad on
  • Send postcards announcing your event
  • Put an ad on your local radio station
  • Posters
  • Advertise in playbills
  • Tell all of your friends!
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